Cat and Small Animal Feeding

If you are going away on a short break and would like your cat or small animals to be cared for, fed and to have some attention, then look no further.

Paws to Doors can come to feed your pet(s) in their own home to save you worrying about them whilst you are away on your break.

Cats prefer to stay in their own home and are naturally solitary animals. We can visit your pets in the mornings and evenings and care for them in their own home.

Cats can find staying in a cattery a stressful time. If you’re away from home for any period of time, our tailored service allows you to choose how many visits we make so you and your cat can get the purr-fect service. We’ll make sure they’re cared for in their own safe, comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Our service includes the following:

• Fresh food and water
• Refreshing the litter tray
• Play time
• Grooming
• Administration of any medication
• Bringing in the post
• Turning lights on and off
• Opening and closing curtains
• Plant watering
• And of course plenty of love and attention

In addition to these services, if there is anything else you require please let us know. We can discuss your requirements either at your free consultation or simply contact us by email or telephone.

As each pet is different we would come to meet you, explain what we can do for you and ensure you are happy with our services.

We are happy to feed cats and small animals too.  Please see the price list for details.

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