Solo Walks

Does your dog prefer the quieter life?

If they do, we can take a gentle stroll whilst stopping for a few treats and cuddles.

• We understand that not all dogs want to be walked alongside other dogs and prefer some quality one to one time. If your dog doesn’t like being around other dogs or prefers to be walked on their own, we can take them for a walk on their own. This enables your best friend to get some exercise along with individual attention & love.

• Paws to Doors offers a service to let your dog out in your own garden for you whilst you are not available. The service is a 15 minute visit to allow your dog(s) to relieve themselves, have some fuss and stretch their legs. We can do multiple visits throughout the day if your dog doesn’t need to be walked. This service is ideal if you are at work all day, having a day out, sick, or simply can’t let your dog out yourself due to any reason.

• If you are going away for a short break and don’t want your dog to go into kennels then Barton Paws to Doors offers a ‘Short Break’ Service. You can go away and have the peace of mind that your dog will be regularly let out throughout the day, walked and put safely to bed at the end of the day. Prices for this service varies depending on your dog’s requirements. Please discuss this by contacting Paws to Doors.

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