Puppy Caring and Socialising

Worried about getting a new puppy? Do you need some help whilst you are at work?

Puppies need lots of attention, they are at their earliest stages of learning and need thorough care and training.  Paws To Doors understands that puppies need to be checked on and cared for throughout the day. There is a huge importance of socialising with people and other dogs at the earliest of stages to allow them a more comfortable and content future life.

The arrival of a new puppy is an exciting time for any household but a puppy needs stimulation, care, love and attention through their early development, and sometimes a busy work schedule may mean that you are unable to get home to visit your puppy as often as you’d like. That’s where Paws To Doors can help. Our puppy visits include feeding, lots of playtime, toilet breaks and a clean-up of any accidents. We can do simple training, and follow your guidance on what you would like us to do to help train your puppy.

Following your puppy’s final vaccinations we can introduce short walks to further develop their socialisation, incorporating any training that you are already utilising, building up to joining our group dog walks if you wish.

We do not take puppies on a group walk until they are at least 6 months old.


Training is not part of Paws to Doors service.  However, we can take what information you give to us and replicate this into our visits to ensure continuity of care. We socialise puppies with taking them to busy places for them to get accustomed to things for their future life with you.

We can offer advice, but we are not trainers.

A local Puppy Socialising class is available at Hooligan Hounds  www.hooliganhounds.co.uk

Hooligan Hounds offer home visits, training classes, behavioural sessions and many more services.  Please visit their website for more details.

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